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Degen Foundation History

Sparks Hospital c. 1900
Sparks Hospital c. 1900

Arkansas’ first hospital, St. John’s, was founded by the Reverend George F. Degen, who in 1887, collected $500 from local merchants along Garrison Ave to rent a building as a place to care for the injured. We honor Reverend Degen and the efforts of so many to improve health care in our hometown.



“Providing for our region’s health care needs
by investing in practical solutions today
with a vision for tomorrow”

A new resource is forming in the greater Fort Smith region - The Degen Foundation. Our goal is to seek out & reward new and ongoing efforts to improve health care and health care related educational services in our area.

Featured Organization

Be Extraordinary“The Degen Foundation has helped Be Extraordinary to reach out to people with severe disabilities in the River Valley and help them to achieve an important life goal. For example, Caleb now has the ability to talk and text with family and friends. This ability gives him a sense of connection and makes him feel more capable. So much so that he is now helping kids at a local school. TDF grant changed Caleb’s life!”

Foundation Announcements

The Degen Foundation receives Humanitarian of the Year award. (Read more...)

The Degen Foundation is pleased to announce the second Grant and Scholarship cycle for 2015 starts July 1st. There is a September 30th deadline for a December Award.

Please see instructions for Grant and Scholarship applications for either email or hard-copy filing.

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The Degen Foundation
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Dedicated to improving the health care and education needs in the River Valley Region.