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The First Cycle for the year has begun. Applications will be accepted between Jan 1 and March 31st.

granting policy - policy objective

The Foundation encourages grants with large “ripple effects,” that is, those which generate benefits that spread beyond their primary grantee into the wider community, as well as “seed money” grants, whereby Foundation support provides a needed catalyst or first step to a significant, and preferably ongoing, positive core value effect.

To realize maximum benefit from its grants and to use its resources prudently, the Foundation has established policies to encourage meritorious proposals and to enable the Foundation to be a positive force for good by promoting and stressing its core values while honoring its purposes, intent, and integrity.

Download the Application here. - (pdf)
Download the Application Expenditure Report here. - (xls)
Download the Total Project Budget Form - (xls)


Interim Progress Reports must be received by the Foundation each quarter, no later than the 15th of the month following the quarter being reported.

Final Report must be filed within 12 months after the funding of the grant or within 60 days after the project is completed, whichever is the sooner.

Deadline For Grant Applications: June and December Awards

To be considered in June, an application must be received by March 31st. To be considered in December an application must be received by September 30th.

guidance for applicants

  • All grant applications must be filed on the Foundation’s Application Cover Sheet (please refer to Requirements tab for additional documents to be included) and directly with The Degen Foundation, not with members of the Board of Directors. In fact, lobbying individual Directors may result in the application’s rejection.
  • No application will be considered from a non-profit organization unless the non-profit organization is currently recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt, non-profit organization in accordance with the provisions of the Tax Reform Act of 1969.
  • In keeping with its mission and with the intent of the Board, all grant funds must be used exclusively within the defined service area (as defined by the attached map) and exclusively for health care or health care educational purposes.
  • Approval of a portion of a grant request does not obligate the Foundation to further support that project.
  • Grants are approved only by specific resolution of the Foundation Board and are effective only after a standard Grant Agreement has been executed and delivered to the Foundation by the Applicant and subsequently accepted by the Foundation in writing by the Executive Director. Grants which are not funded within six (6) months of the execution of the Grant Agreement by the Foundation shall be automatically rescinded, and a vote of the Foundation's Board of Directors shall not be required.
  • The Foundation does not favor grants to federal, state, or municipal governments and will make such grants only on a three-fourths vote of its Board.
  • To conserve its resources and to maximize its support, the Foundation does not grant funds to pay for completed projects, to pay existing debts or deficit funding, to pay for political expenditures or lobbying activities.
  • Grants for endowments are not viewed favorably and require a three-fourths vote of the Board of Directors.
  • All funds distributed by the Foundation must be used for the project designated in the application and the grant agreement, and any funds not used for the designated project must be returned to the Foundation. Further, all funds not used for the specific project within 12 months following the funding of the project must be returned to the Foundation unless waived by the Board prior to the 12 month period.
  • All grant applications will be considered semi-annually at the Board of Directors meetings in June and December of each year. To be considered in June, an application must be received by March 31st. To be considered in December an application must be received by September 30th.
    • The Foundation may at any time make such grants as it deems appropriate by a three-fourths vote of its Board.
    • Applications requesting consideration out of the regular time sequence (June and December) may be considered by the Grants Committee or by the Board. If the Grants Committee or Board declines to act, the application will be processed in the regular manner
    • A grant for emergency relief from an act of God, or similar unforeseen event, may be approved for charity institutions in the defined service area. Emergency relief grants shall be only for emergency food, shelter, clothing, and medical treatment.

    Download "Guidance for Applicants" Here.

Grant Requirements

Applications will be accepted by either email or hard copy. If emailed, please scan all appropriate documents to Tom Webb, Executive Director at:

If hard copied, mail or deliver one (1) set of all appropriate documents to The Degen Foundation. Our format preference for application documents is black typeface, on white paper, in file folder, without permanent document bindings.

All Applications Must Include:

Application Cover Sheet

(approved form provided by the Foundation) must be complete and signed by the senior corporate officer.


5 to 7 pages preferred. Include the following:

  • A brief history of your organization’s development and accomplishments.
  • An overview of major programs and/or strategies, and how they further your mission.
  • A full description of the project and how it furthers your organization’s mission.
  • Evidence that the project for which funding is sought will address recognized community needs.
  • Documentation to show that specific services or interventions in your proposal represent the most effective way to reach the greatest number of people who need the services or interventions.
  • A description of the people the project serves or will serve directly (in addition to the total population in your target area). Please use actual numbers (vs. percentages) whenever possible and cite the sources for demographic data.
  • The goals you have set for the project during the proposed grant period. If the project is funded by the Foundation, these goals will be considered expectations of your grant.
  • A description of how you will track and record grant expenditures.
  • A description of how you measure or will measure the impact of the project on participants and/or the defined service area. Which specific indicators of change do you or will you track and how often? Please describe your data collection system.
  • Examples of how you have used information about your organization’s impact to improve your organization’s activities or strategy.

Financial Data:

  • The most recent IRS Forms 990 and the most recent audited financial statements including, if issued, the independent auditor’s management or reportable concerns letter, and the management response.
  • If the most recent audit is more than six months’ old, a recent unaudited balance sheet (assets and liabilities) and statement of income and expenses (preferably no more than three months’ old).
  • The current operating budget for the organization.
  • The total project budget (approved format provided by Foundation).
  • A complete list of all governmental and nongovernmental sources of income – $25,000 per year or more – for your current fiscal year and future commitments. Feel free to annotate an existing list, but please indicate annual amounts, grant periods and which grants are restricted to the project.

Other Attachments:

  • Applicant’s current IRS determination letter.
  • A list of your Board members.
  • Profiles of key staff members.
  • Your most recent annual report, if not already provided.
  • If applicable, articles from peer-reviewed academic journals, government publications, consensus reports from professional societies and other reports to show that the proposed services or interventions represent the most efficacious “best practices” to deal with the needs identified in the proposal.
  • If applicable, reports, studies or other assessments that illustrate your project’s priority among the health and wellness needs of the community.

Download "Requirements" Here.

grant reporting

Grant recipients will be required to file Quarterly Progress Reports following approved formats and using forms prepared and provided by the Foundation as applicable. Quarterly reports are due April 15th, July 15th, Oct 15th and Jan 15th. The Foundation will not approve applications from a grant recipient which has failed to file timely status reports for a previous grant.

Download "Grant Reporting" Here.

Deadline for Grant Applications:

June and December Awards
  • All applications should be received by March 31st for a June Award
  • All applications should be received by September 30th for a December Award

Deadline for Grant Reporting:

  • Interim Progress Reports must be received by the Foundation each quarter, no later than the 15th of the month following the quarter being reported.
  • Final Report must be filed within 12 months after the funding of the grant or within 60 days after the project is completed, whichever is the sooner.

Download "Deadlines" Here.


Please use this format for both Interim Progress Reports and Final Reports.

  • Narrative – 2 to 4 pages preferred
      • Include a brief description of the project.
      • Please restate the goals you set for the project during the grant period.
      • Progress and/or setbacks relative to these goals.
      • How you measured the project’s impact on participants and/or the broader community. Please cite specific indicators of change and the time period over which you measured them.
      • What you learned from this information and how you applied or will apply it to improve future activities or strategy.
      • Significant board and/or staff changes, if any.
  • Financial – complete the “Expenditure Report” form provided by the Foundation.
attachments (optional)
  • The most recent annual report, if not already provided.
  • Most recent publications, news articles or other relevant materials about your organization or the funded project. Please be selective.

Download "Format" Here.

please send all materials to:

Attn: Executive Director
The Degen Foundation
PO Box 10366
Fort Smith, AR 72917

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